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Pixley Connect, a project of the Pixley Foundation in partnership with the Great Valley Center and AT&T Foundation, is an effort to narrow the digital divide in rural California. This project brings telecommunication access, education and training to the underserved, predominantly Spanish-speaking community of Pixley, California.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Teen Techs Preparing to Open for Buisness in Pixley, CA

Wayne Clark introduced three members of the Pixley Teen Tech Squad, Juan Anaya, Jose Casillas, and Narciso Fernandez. Maria Fernandez, Jesus Nunez, and Joseph Dean Perryman are the other members of the Squad. They spend 72 hours in basic training and then, 8 hours a month in the community, helping residents with computer problems, including repair. The program is now under the sponsorship of The Pixley Foundation. The Teen Technicians, will be providing a variety of sevices for the community. Support our program, donations will help maintain the life of the program. We hope to develope a long lasting relationship with the people of Pixley.

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