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Pixley Connect, a project of the Pixley Foundation in partnership with the Great Valley Center and AT&T Foundation, is an effort to narrow the digital divide in rural California. This project brings telecommunication access, education and training to the underserved, predominantly Spanish-speaking community of Pixley, California.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Pixley Foundation-Making it Happen!

The Pixley Foundation is Making it Happen for Pixley!

Changes are in the works and the Pixley Foundation is leading the way! Working to build a much needed and overdue Community, Technology and Education Center that will improve the lives of the community.

Working with partners and stakeholders from the community, private, non-profit organizations, businesses, county and federal agencies to bring much needed infrastructure to Pixley.

Although a lot has been done to get this far but we still have more to achieve. We need your help! Our community needs a safe and healthy community and you know the saying "It takes a Village".

If you want to be part of a positive change or want to be part of "Making this happen"... get involved and help make a difference in your community!

How can you help?

  • Attend the Pixley Town Council meetings to get regular updates every last Monday of the month.

  • Ask your County Supervisor Pete Vander Poel for his support. Supervisor's Vander Poel email is pvanderpoel@co.tulare.ca.us or call 559.636.5000

  • Call your Congressman Devin Nunes and remind him to continue to support Pixley. Congressman Nunes can be contacted by visiting his website http://www.nunes.house.gov/ or contact him at his Visalia office located: 115 North Church Suite 208 Visalia, CA 93291 Telephone 559.733.3861 or Fax 559.733.3865

  • Volunteer your time to the Pixley Connect Program

  • Donate your tax deductable contributions to the Pixley Foundation
For more information contact:

María G. Velásquez - velasquezmg@sbcglobal.net

Teens Assisiting The San Joaquin Valley Partnership

The San Joaquin Valley Partnership is working with Pixley Connect to promote jobs and education for adults in the San Joaquin Valley. With the support of Great Valley Center and the Pixley Foundation the Teen Tech Squad has been assisting with the recruitment in Kern County Delano, CA and hands on technologically documenting progress. The Tech Squad has been:

  • Video graphing and photographing classes and achievement ceremonies in action.

  • Assisting the instructor with classes by setting up class materials.

  • Operate the computer giving the instructor more time to work directly with the adult students.

  • Assisting with getting media releases and interviewing students.

  • Complete and edit final videos and Power Point for classes. Check out the Video.

Pixley Teen Tech Squad

It has been an exciting time for the youth of Pixley AKA Digital Connectors. With funding from the Califonia Consumer Protection Fund The Teen Tech Squad have been working hard and continue to build their technology skills and in addition building relationships witht he community. Over the past several months the Teen Tech Squad have:

  • Worked with Tulare Adult School to recruit parents to attend Computer Literacy Classes.

  • Attended Tulare Adult School School Board meeting to advocate to keep the Adult Computer Literacy classes in Pixley. As a result Tulare Adult School voted to continue classes in Pixley!

  • Provided community with great customer service and technology assistance such as helping set up new DSL modems, setting up computers and programs, trouble shooting and diagnosing computers.

  • Home visits and one to one help for the elderly.

  • Produced a video for the local Chamber of Commerce for their annual entry at the 2009 Tulare County Fair. Congratulations to the Pixley Chamber! They won First Prize on their booth entry! Check out the video...

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